Product Reviews

I’m so excited to do my first product review for all you winey moms out there!
I know 99% of product reviews done now a’ days are videos.  I’m just not a video star kind of girl.
And I don’t get paid for my reviews; 99.9% of the time a company will not even know I am reviewing their product.  This is just for our benefit.
First product we’re reviewing is the Sunny pink stepper.  Getting in better shape has been a goal for me for about 10 months now.  I’m so bothered by the fact that I’m a nurse but ultimately have a desk job.
Sometimes spending hours at a time at a computer, I feel like my a$$ is going to mold into the shape of the chair.  So I put a ‘desk stepper’ on my Christmas wish list. For those of you wondering what that is, here is a pic of the actual product I received.
stepper1      This particular product can be used while standing but primarily what I wanted it for (and how I use it) is to keep it under my desk so that while I’m charting I can ultimately still be in motion.   While it’s not a marathon, it’s better than being stationary while the only thing moving is my fingers on a keyboard.
So the above product is what I opened up on Christmas.  My first thoughts were:

  1. This is much larger than I thought it would be
  2. It’s heavier and bulkier than I expected (you can check out the specs by clicking on the Sunny post above)
  3. Cute pink!


I took this to work.   My desk has a under, slide out for the key board and immediately I realized I could not use this because my knees were banging the key board slide out. So disappointed!  With permission I removed the slide out and boom, pink stepper in place!

Honestly it took me a sec to learn to adjust the tension but watch a couple videos, you’ll be golden.  I LOVE this product!!  My co-workers love this product! They legit come to check it out.
You can find this on Amazon for about $30.  I think it’s totally worth every penny.  You’ll feel the burn in your legs for sure.

This stepper is awesome!