Cleveland Cavs Conversations

Cleveland_Cavaliers_2010.svg Ok so let’s start our first CCC (Cleveland Cavs Conversation)  with why tonight’s game was so epic.  Ok, maybe epic is a strong word.  Let’s call it a watcher.
I’m talking about Isaiah Thomas.  I’ve loved watching IT the 2nd (would that be ITII??) play b-ball.  Dude hustles.  But I loved watching him as a Celtic.  It was fun to watch him play against us.  I mean, it was kind of cool having a player I liked that wasn’t a Cav and has been on the court later than 1991.
Not sure when my body, mind and soul will move past the whole Kyrie tragedy.  (I’m still not returning Kyrie’s calls)
But my thoughts  on KI’s big chess move are for another blog post.  Not sure how we focus on the here and now without discussing that whole huge trade.  But we’re gonna have to.  Let’s just talk about what we have in Isaiah.
When the Hawks took Birdman from the Cavs even though he was out for  the rest of the season I was dumbfounded.  Why pick up an injured player?  And an older injured player at that.
So we turned around and did the same thing.  Picked up an injured player.  But a VERY different scenerio!  Chris Anderson is no Isaiah.  And we needed to trade big for trading big.  You can’t pick up Kyrie without huge bargaining.  I mean, out right, the Celtics were getting a huge player.  So that trade had to be huge.
I never dreamed in a million years I’d see IT in Cavs gear. Especially since we’re well in to the season and tonight was his first night on the court.
Will I become a fan of Isaiah Thomas as a Cav?  I’m not sure.  That’s not true.  The real truth is ‘sure I will.’   Why?  A few different reasons:

  1. There has never been an injured player that showed so much love and enthusiasum from the side lines as Isaiah did during every game.  He’s been the Cavs’ biggest cheerleader
  2. His obvious love for the game of basketball, despite his height or the uniform he’s wearing
  3. Who doesn’t love that smile and that trademark sweat band?
  4. Because he’s a Cavalier and I’m a Cavalier supporter.  The Cavs are my team.  I love them when they win and I love them when they lose. (but more when they win)


The Cavs are my Ohio team and I just have to face the fact that players will come and go.  Lebron has proven that to us.  Sometimes come, go and come back.
The bottom line is that I want my Cavs to do good; I want them to continue to play good team ball.  I want to see them get along, be a family and rely on each other to make the best plays.  That’s not always going to be easy when big, shocking trade requests happen but here we are.  Welcome to Ohio, Isaiah.   it