The Booty Max- Product Review

So this is my second product to review- The Booty Max.  (Excuse my horrible picture taking)
This is an “as seen on tv” product.  Personally I had never heard of it.  That is, until the day I bought it.  Before I tell you what I paid for it let me tell me how much I’ve seen this thing go for.  It’s currently selling for upwards of $60.  I’ve seen it on Groupon for $15.00 and on Amazon for $24.
While wondering through my local Five Below (a store where everything is well, $5.00 or less) I found this and really not knowing anything about it I shoved it in my cart.  For $5 bucks?  I wasn’t expecting too much but liked the idea of having a small piece of exercise equipment.  Santa stuck it under the tree for my husband and I.
So yea,  I paid $5.00 for it!

It comes with a booklet of instruction and exercises and a DVD.  The DVD is pretty helpful in really showing the different ways this can be used.
My first thought was this equipment is cheap and poorly made.  I feel like it would break pretty easily.  I wouldn’t depend on the handle for real support.  My hubby is a pretty big guy and there is no way he would be able to put his weight on it and expect support.  But that’s not what it’s made for.

I will say that if you go through the suggested exercises and you do them seriously, you will feel the burn. They do work and I’m happy with my purchase.
This not only takes up little room it also breaks down and is easily storable in the say the space of a bathroom scale.

Will it give you maximum booty?  I have no clue.  No do I care.  What do I use it for?  On days when it’s just way too cold or rainy to get out and run, this is a great way to get something in.  I’m really happy with my purchase.

Would I have paid $60.00 for this?  Hell no!  But for $5 bucks?  You bet your booty!



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