Did we really win??

cavssss  Cavs vs. Orlando on Thursday.   While I love my Cavs all day long this Thursday was date night so I taped it.
So it’s Friday evening; breakfast for dinner and a Cavs game.   I managed to avoid the score for 24 hours. …..   Here we are……eggs, cheese, toast, sausage and a Swish, baby!

Coming in right away,  nothin’ but JR! Let me say, I cheered it up for this one.  JR Swish.  He’s a CAV.  He’s family.  LOVE this guy!! When all the big trades went down and his named was brought up I would be a liar if I didn’t panic.
And when he took a back burner to players coming in???   Yea I cussed.  This is Da’ Swish.  There’s something to be said about loyalty and he’s in.  All in.  For me, he’s a Cav. For me, he’s first string……..love me some Swish

    Why did “The First Jedi” sit out??  I’m often confused as to why amazing players “get their turn” in this game. I love me some Cedi!  This kiddo is enthusiastic, he’s eager to learn, he’s got a cool name and he ain’t bad!

Let’s move on to the bottom line….

Was this a win??  The scoreboard says yes and that’s the bottom line.  The only thing you need for a win is to have a higher score than your opponent at the end of the game.
But as far as our skill on the court, was that a win?  Loosing that 20+ point lead to win in the last 2 seconds of the game……….really, not cool.   20 point leads, for a team like the Cavs, should, by all accounts, be a one sided, dare I say, ‘boring’ game.  Exciting for the fans of the wining team but really not much to of a nail biter.  But the Cleveland Cavs want to take us THERE every time.  Nothing seems to come easy to them and in the games I’ve been watching lately, that’s their fault.

The scoreboard says that one belongs to us and as opposed to the 5 game loosing streak we would be on without it, I’ll take it.  But I didn’t feel a “well deserved” win here.  I felt it was nothing more than a higher score at the buzzer.  And that stinks.

“All for one”  I’m a Cavs fan; win or loose. I’m in.  I’m ride or die here.  But man, Cavs, you’re killin’ me!!



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