So glad you’ve stopped by.  I’d love to be able to tell you what you’ll find here but the truth is I never really know.  I blog when the mood strikes me.  About what?  Whatever strikes me:)
As for me I’m an Ohio mom not quite over the hill but still tired from the climb.  I’m the mom of two girls- my oldest is married and living life.   My youngest is a high school water polo player.
I’m the wife of a very talented, award winning, wine maker.  (Yes, I’m a lucky girl!)
As a couple we love trying new wineries, traveling, Trivial Pursuit, camping, visiting Lake Erie and we’re die hard Cleveland Cavaliers fans. (Don’t even get me started)  This house bleeds wine and gold!

   Me?  When I’m not screaming at Lebron on the big screen, I’m dreaming of going to a game. Other than that, I love cooking and trying new recipes.  I own a small business called Spicy Mary Mix.  I make spice packs for chip dips and a kick ass Bloody Mary mix.  (Like us on Facebook!)
I run a local organization called Joansjourney.org  All money is raised in our community and stays in our community.
I have a new growing love for learning to run.  It’s not as easy as Forest made it seem.  I invite all of my followers to check out virtual runs.  (Google it)  It’s an amazing way to self motivate while giving back.  I EARNED 13 medals in 2017 and I have no plans to stop now.
My family, community and my Joan’s Journey organization is everything to me. It’s important to me to ‘live local.‘ What does live local mean to me?  For me, it’s supporting my community by shopping locally, doing my best to be a good neighbor, supporting my local school system and just all around being in touch with the community.
I’m totally dog obsessed. Dodger and Bree are two very important members of our family and yes, I’m ‘that’ dog mom.

So that’s me.   Cheers!


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