Aloha from Ohio!
Whether you’re a repeat offender (and by that I mean a returning reader) or a first timer, sit back.  I guarantee my page will either amuse, piss you off or bore you lifeless.
I’m Jenn; a 40 something year old not quite over the hill but tired from the climb.
If I have to define myself my first thought is MOM. I have two girls. And trust me, it’s true. You never stop raising your children. Molly is married and doing the grown up ‘thang.’ Z is our high school water polo player. My girls are polar opposites in many ways.  But they have a couple of things in common 1. they are both artistic.  2. They agree their mom is crazy.
I’m a wife to an amazing, award winning wine maker (Jackpot, Ladies!) Not only does he make amazing wine, he cooks AND does laundry.  I’m a real life princess here, Girls.
I should have said I have 4 kids as I am a total dog mom. Dodger and Bree run my life and this house. We are 100% obsessed.  My pups ARE family, no bones about it.  One of the proudest things I’ve done as a mom is raise children that love animals and treat their pets like true family.  Follow me on Instagram @Jennihux LOTS of pics of the babes.
I LOVE camping; it’s an obsession.  And the Cleveland Cavs? ?? This household bleeds wine and gold.
Thanks for the view!